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    Default PTO lever stuck and won't engage pto

    I have a 1959 Ford Power Master 801 tractor. The PTO lever is immovable. I took the plate of that contains the lever to access the inside of the casing. I searched the bottom of the casing for broken or detached parts with a magnetic probe and with my hand. Nothing was found. I tried to engage the PTO with the motor running and the clutch fully depressed with no luck. Does anyone have a suggestions?

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    Default Re: PTO lever stuck and won't engage pto

    Welcome to TBN, Joe!

    Have you ever had the PTO engaged before, or did you just get this tractor? If you have used the PTO before, how long ago was that?

    Quote Originally Posted by joesaladino
    I took the plate off that contains the lever
    By "contains", do you mean that the cover contains the pivot point for the lever? If so, I assume the lever moves freely at that pivot point.

    Through some linkage, your PTO lever is connected to a fork which fits across the gear which engages your PTO. Somewhere in that linkage there is almost certainly a spring-loaded ball bearing. The spring pushes the ball bearing against a shaft that has two detentes (depressions) in it. One detente is for "not engaged", and the other for "engaged". When the lever is in the right position for "not engaged" or "engaged", the ball drops into the detente and keeps the lever in that position.

    After years of wear and tear, the spring loaded ball bearing might be binding in the detente. Typically the edges of the detente wear and may have a burr, or the clearance between the shaft with the detente and the sliding part containing the spring loaded ball bearing gets too great. The ball bearing could also be worn to a non-spherical shape.

    This doesn't sound very professional, but sometimes if you wiggle the lever around a lot while trying to shift it, you'll get lucky and the ball will slip out of the detente.

    Find the part inside the casing which the lever connects to and see if you can slide it. If you can't move it by hand, try wiggling it around or perhaps giving it a light rap with a hammer. That won't solve your problem, but it might help you identify what the problem is.

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    Default Re: PTO lever stuck and won't engage pto

    I have had this happen a few times. It is when the gears aren't lined up with each other exactly. What I always do is lower the RPM, push in on the clutch, pull back on the PTO engage lever and slowly let out on the clutch. It sounds horrible when the gears start rubbing on each other and I depress the clutch again as soon as I hear it. I usually only have to do this one time to get the gears lined up so that the transmission engages the PTO.

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