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    Default Gasket kit for Post Hole Digger

    I have a PHD leaks pretty good. I want to replace the gasteks to prevent oil in the soil. It is from TSC, I think it is a Speco made unit. I is a good one, just left out too long I guess. Anyone know if rebuild parts are available.


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    Default Re: Gasket kit for Post Hole Digger

    I'm guessing that the gaskets are pretty large. You can buy sheet gasket and cut to fit. Or do like the old timers and use the thin cardboard from a soda pop 12 pack. Coat both sides with a thin layer of rtv and you're done. If you hold the gasket on the parts and tap around the edges with a hammer you will indent the gasket material so you know where to cut.


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    Default Re: Gasket kit for Post Hole Digger

    I would use the RTV sealant for the larger surface. If the round gasket is leaking take it out and get the number off the side and get another one at NAPA or wherever. I recall it's a common one.

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