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    Default Kubota D600 injector pump R&R

    We own a early 80's Cub Cadet 782d tractor, powered by a kubota D600 diesel engine. It has never sounded quite right when it ran, smoked way to much and lacked the power of other 782d's. Finaly toward the end of the show/plow day season she started leaking fuel around the top of the injector pump on the middle and rear cylinder lines. This was from inside the pump and coming out around the oval plate with 2 special nuts on it in the one picture. Estimates to rebuild the pump were $300-$600 at the local shop. I found someone selling a brand new 3 cylinder injector pump on ebay, while it wasnt for the D600, she did have a new one for that model. Total cost was $312 delivered. Changing out the pump is pretty straight forward. Make sure everything is real clean, which ours is kept this way all the time. Remove the intake from the side of the block, remove injector lines, fuel return line, and the 4 allen head cap screws from the pump. At this point you can lift the pump out of the engine block. Take note of how many shims if any there are, you will need to remove the shim from the old pump and install on the new one to maintain proper injection timing. On the top side of the pump is a slide shaft with a knob on it, this is the fuel rack control, it just slides into a slot on a linkage that is just inside the engine block. After bleeding the fuel system, she fired right up, with the correct sound to her now, lots of power and much less smoke under a load, most of which was from it being quite cold out. Now we have a spare pump that is bad, maybe I can find a vo-tech school that trains on injector pump rebuilding and get it redone cheaply someday. Cheers Mike and Michele

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    Default Re: Kubota D600 injector pump R&R

    Hi Mike,

    I saw your post on removing the injection pump on a D600 engine.
    I've done everything that you mentioned (before I found your post)...but, when I go to pull the pump out it seems to hang up about 2/3 of an inch I'm pulling it out.
    You mentioned a knob and slide linkage that I don't seem to see on my unit.
    Do you have pictures of this?....the pictures on your original post are no longer available.

    I found a manual on-line (ebay) and have ordered it, but would like to take the pump out to see what's going on. power....when idling I can loosen all three injector lines and the engine would miss/run rough. At 2/3 rpm both end cylinders would miss but the center made no difference. I ran the valves...same, same.
    I removed the injector pistons (under the lines on the pump) and you can see that the middle cam follower (not sure what it's called) doesn't lift as high as either of the end followers. So, I was guessing that either it's worn out or the little cam is worn.
    Is my thinking good on this?

    This is the reason for removing the pump.......I don't want to pry to remove it until I find out if something needs to be removed first.

    again, thanks for any help that you might have,


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