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    Default 1986 Ford 1910 Hard shifting

    I have a Ford 1910 with the syncromesh transmission. I have recently developed a problem where the transmission would jam when shifting from reverse to the forward gears. I would have to jiggle the column shifter quite a bit to get it to release. At first I thought the problem was in the linkage and shifter selector coming out of the top cover, since they seemed to be played out. I have since corrected the linkage and shifter selector slop, but I still have occational hang up's from the reverse to forward shifting.
    I also adjusted the clutch to take out excessive free play, but it would seem to me I would have more of a problem going in and out of PTO if the clutch was not adjusted correctly since the top half of the clutch release deals with gear selection. The history on the tractors previous life was in a nursery primarily as a loader so I'm sure it's seen a fair amount of shifting in it's time, plus the hour meter is at 1710 hrs.
    My next step is to remove the top cover again and check the detent balls on the shifting rods for excessive wear. But I am open to any suggestions that you guy's might have.


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    Default Re: 1986 Ford 1910 Hard shifting

    Ray, I'm not familiar with that model but, does it have four wheel drive? Do you notice the problem in 4x4 and 4x2 or just 4x4?

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    Default Re: 1986 Ford 1910 Hard shifting

    The tractor is a 4 wheel drive and I notice thew problem running in the 2 wheel drive. I have never tried in 4 wheel .

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    Default Re: 1986 Ford 1910 Hard shifting

    Just wodering if wheel runout could have been a factor, but not in this case. I'd take a good look at the synchros when you pop the top. Sounds like your headed in the right direction.

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    Default Re: 1986 Ford 1910 Hard shifting

    Thanks for the help. I will take a look at the syncros.

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