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    Default Chaging hydraulic cylinder seals

    Anyone evered opened a john deere cylinder before? I need help to replace the seals cant get the rod out HELP PLEASE

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    Default Re: Chaging hydraulic cylinder seals


    Trust me on this one, you want to take it to a shop and have them do it. On one of mine it took two tractors to pull it a part and then they had to use a press setup to get it back together. This was on a older Dual loader. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Chaging hydraulic cylinder seals

    Some are hard, some are easy. Some are total "but nusters" as my dyslexic friends say. Most are in the tough to not bad range. Trick is to loosen the gland nuts before removing the cylinder from the machine. The correct tool is also very much helpful.

    The cost of the packing is about 20-50 bucks. The labor cost at a shop may be 50 - 300 bucks. Most are going to be in the 100-150 range. I had a shop do one (1) cylinder and was charged over $350. I did the other 6 cylinders on the backhoe myself for a little less money, including the cost of the tools.


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    Default Re: Chaging hydraulic cylinder seals

    Quote Originally Posted by Molokai View Post
    Anyone evered opened a john deere cylinder before? I need help to replace the seals cant get the rod out HELP PLEASE
    You might save yourself some trouble and find a hydraulic shop can be a PIA just to get the cylinders off! I was going to do some myself untill I priced the wrench, parts, time, etc.....62.00 +- for a cylinder by a trained professional was OK by me. If you persist and want to buy a wrench.....check sears online for a "spanner: wrench. Be careful on the centers for there are alot of diffrent might post in the hydraulic section......may get more answers.
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    Default Re: Chaging hydraulic cylinder seals

    On my "steer" cylinders, which are single action cylinders, the hydraulic guy took the hose off, and used a tool (don't remember if it was a pair of pliers or a screwdriver) to pop something loose on the end of the cylinder. Then the whole guts came right out. Install was even easier. He matched up the seals, after JD sent me the wrong kit for $130, and only charged me $40 for everything. The other one, he came out to the house so I wouldn't have to remove it from the tractor.
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    Default Re: Chaging hydraulic cylinder seals

    on some of the newer j.d. cylinders, if it has the wire type snapring in it, you need to buy the kit(about 42 bucks). in the kit is a orange "tool" you need to get it apart. it aint that bad.
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