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    Default Deere Mid-Mount Mower

    Bought a 4300 JD tractor last fall with the new green 60-inch mid-mount mower. To date three of the welds have broken - two connecting the wheels to the mower deck and one on the front quick-mounting rods. In addition, a couple of the bolts have loosened, and the screws and/or circular pins have been lost. One of the belt pulleys apparently was not greased during assembly and the pulley began to bind, doing damage to the drive belt. Now the transmission seal on the mid-mount PTO drive is leaking fluid (related to mid-mount mower problems?). Seems the quality control guys at the mower deck mfg plant were asleep when the new Deere green decks were first built. Anyone else having problems with this new model 60-inch green deck?

    JD dealer repaired first problems with deck (2 broken welds) and replaced blades free of charge. Tractor is in shop now for 3rd broken weld and leaking transmission seal.

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    Has the name - back40JP - anything to do with the "lawn" that you are mowing? How many hours on the deck, and has the deck been abused by anyone? When I looked at these decks for my 4300, they were (appeared) quite well built.

    What you describe sounds like the problems I had with my old rotary cutter after a "friend" borrowed it to "cut some brush". It was busted (welds) up bad, the blades destroyed, and the gear box leaked. I walked the path he made through his woods. He tried to level stumps (12" across), boulders, and dirt. I didn't know the mower deck would get that close to the ground.

    I doubt that is what you are doing with the MMM, but its the picture you brought to mind.

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    I failed to mention that I also have a 60" MX-5 rotary cutter on the back of the tractor that I use for harder to mow areas like the ones you describe. The part I am cutting with the mid-mount mower is relatively flat with only a few washed out ruts (less than front wheel width and only deep enough to be an annoyance because you have to slow down to mow over them) in a few places and most of the land is gently sloping. There's a few higher spots at the back of the field that I slowly ascend/descend. There are few trees (perhaps 12 or less) to mow around. A few have roots at ground level.

    Upon inspection, the welds that broke on the mid-mount mower deck were only holding around the edges of the weld. In addition, the bolts and screws that came off were very heavy duty. I suspect they were never tightened sufficiently. I can't help but believe that the welds on the mower deck were not properly made (three of the four wheel welds on the deck broke - both front and one rear and one of the two front quick attach bars) and that the bolts were insufficently tightened before leaving the factory. Initial quality inspection had to be poor. The tractor had about 42 hours on it when the first welds broke. And about 51 hours on it when the second weld broke. Most of those hours occurred while I was using the rotary cutter only last fall. I only started using the mid-mount mower this spring after I had cut the field I was in twice with the rotary cutter - once last fall and once this spring. I was mowing about 10 acres.

    I agree - the new green 60" mid-mount mower does appear to be quite well built. Just hope they have a different welder fabricating them now.

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