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    Default Lucky - I hope!

    I just bought a used Bobcat S-160 for a good price but when my guy started using it today it started leaking oil underneath towards the front. Pulled it into the barn and put a 9 quart pan under it which overflowed (we left it cause had other stuff to do).

    Pulled the plate off the top of chain box and no oil in chain box. Upon further inspection it looks like the prior owner may have put some JB weld or crappy weld job on a small hole at the bottom of the chain box which didn't hold.

    I haven't lifted the front end up yet (too pooped today) so I haven't got a real good look underneath. My questions are: Is there a skid plate protecting the chain box bottom or is the bottom of the chain box just the bottom of the machine? If there is a hole in the bottom of the chain box can I get away with a weld or weld patch? I would consider myself very lucky if this were the case.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts on the matter.

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    G'day not real familiar with your machine but there should not be any reason you could not weld a patch over the hole just make sure to clean out all the other c**p that was put over it in the first place fix it properly fix it once. Good luck

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    It looks like the drive chains are loose as they have about three inches of play. I don't see anyway to adjust them. The chains must have been slapping the bottom of the case until it wore a hole. The chain case is worn at the bottom near each sproket. Anyone run into this before?

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