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    Default FARMPRO backhoe stablizer rigs are drifting

    I have a FARMPRO 2425 tractor w/backhoe, the rigs are drifting down while driving, the one is so bad that it will not stablize while digging.
    Please help!
    Also if you are familiar with farm pro is there an easy way to remove the backhoe it looks to be a full frame mount?

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    Default Re: FARMPRO backhoe stablizer rigs are drifting

    Do the stabilizers leak down at the same speed when it is off - or at a slower speed. If slower, then you may have a valve problem (valve not closing all the way?). If it is about the same then I would assume you have bad seals in the stabilizer hydraulics.

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    Default Re: FARMPRO backhoe stablizer rigs are drifting

    The stabilizers on the JW03, that is what hoe you have or some form of it, are on their own valves. I would try swapping the hoses from one valve to the other and see if it gets any worse or better. If not its in you cylinders. They will need to be rebuild which is what I am guess the problem is. Are you having any problems with them when you are using the hoe???


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