I have a Long landtrac 410dtc with a loader, woods Brushbull72 and Woods 660 finish mower. Brushbull bought new 660 used. My problem started when I broke the pto shaft on the 660 mower and bent the "A"supports on it. The supports arrived in 2 days along with the wrong shaft. Dealer reordered shaft which was back ordered shaft finally came in but was the wrong again. Dealer reordered again and recieved today what appears to be the right one. He asked Woods why so many different shafts for the same model mower their reply was the "higher ups" go with the best salesman pitch and buy. The new 7200 series mowers are splinded on the mower end could not even use a shaft fromone of them till new one came. I have delt with this dealer for a long time andbuy all my equipment from him he has gone above and beyond every time. I was very surprised a company as big as Woods would do that. I am well pleased with their equipment and the shaft failure was my fault just some FYI for Woods owners.