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    Default Cub Cadet 2072

    I recently discovered a leak of hydrostatic fluid in my 2072. After fixing the problem, I was refilling the hydro resivior. I could add about 3 oz. and then the system would need to "burp" through the filler tube thus spitting out hydro fluid. Is there a breather or something that is plugged, or just a bad design? Can I remove a certain bolt to let it breath when doing this? It taked 14 pints, so I could be here a while.

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    If the 2072 is like my 1572 the fill hole is small. I place a very small diameter plastic tube about 6 inches long down the hole to be used as a vent. Be careful not to drop it into the transmission case. Pour your trans fluid along side the vent tubing using a very small funnel. You are correct, it is a poor design.

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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 2072

    I have the 1811 - same issue -the 3/8" fill tube with larger 1" neck at the top and I use a funnel that fits tightly in the 1" neck so when it burps it doesnt splash out. The funnel holds about a quart and I can add a quart in about 2 minutes with this set up.

    When I have a lot to add (replacing it all) I electrical tape the funnel to the neck to prevent seepage.

    I like the idea of the vent tube - I have to try that the next time.

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