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    Default Ford 4500 TLB

    i have a tractor backhoe that will move up and down and to the right but not to the left and now its stuck to the right there is no oil leaking and when i move the lever to go left i hear something like air moving or like a low horn please help i need to get back to work thanks

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    Default Re: Ford 4500 TLB

    Two possibilities come to mind:

    1. problem in the valve - you can determine if that's the cause by reversing the hoses for that function - if it now goes to the left and sticks, it's most likely the valve.

    2. problem in the piston. A piston has come loose from the rod, or a that rod has broken may result in the symptoms - usually the piston/rod will extend to the end of travel and then refuse to retract.

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    Default Re: Ford 4500 TLB

    I have not worked on a Ford 4500 before, but I had a similar sounding problem that turned out to be a missing nut in the BH control lever linkage that activates the valve.

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