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    Default ford 4110 no start

    I parked the tractor a few weeks ago and it was running fine. Now no go. I have fuel spraying out of the bleeder plug on the IP as far as the tire, but nothing at the injectors. I also have a small trickle of fuel coming in the return line to the tank. Ive cranked and cranked it for what seems like forever. Any ideas??

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    Default Re: ford 4110 no start

    G'day and welcome to TBN it sounds to me like the rack has siezed in the stop position in the pump therefor no fuel delivery to the inj only really one way to fix properly pull it off and get it serviced. Best of luck with it


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    Default Re: ford 4110 no start

    I kinda figured that...Where might i send it to get a rebuild?
    It it easy to pull off? Can anyone give me a list on what is the procedures are?

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