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    Default Beefing up a rear rim

    I just purchased a case 580ck with industrial loader and one flat tire (chloride filled of course). I've got the tube out but couldn't remove the rim completely, the last bead was too much for me but thats ok I could still clean the rim and rinse out the tire. I've chipped off all the bad corrosion and the loose rust. The rim could be used without much worry, but if I elected to fluid fill the tire and it ever leaked it would probably send it into junk status. Naturally the valve stem is the worst area. I'm considering using JB weld to hold a washer to the rim for the valve stem and possibly some fiberglass on some of the inner portion of the rim. The bead areas are all solid but some of the flat areas are sort of thin. I plan to prime and paint the inner portion of the rim. Is anyone familiar with this tractor operating with/without filled tires? It's got a pretty serious looking loader with a 6 foot wide bucket. For now I just plan to use it with a hay spear.

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    Guess I'll answer my question. Went to pick up inner tube and a new rim was only $120. Why bother with a marginal repair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlarge54 View Post
    Why bother with a marginal repair?
    Took the words right outa my mouth.
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