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    Default MF GC2310 PTO Horror Mystery

    Background: Massey Ferguson GC 2310 with loader, backhoe, mid-mount mower purchase new in 2005 that now has approximately 390 hours. Help needed as the grass is getting way over my head as a result of the irregular operation of PTO.
    This problem with our mower began last summer. We had about 320 hours on the machine at that time and the tractor and its attachments had been working fine until then. Suddenly the tractor would start and run fine and then while mowing the PTO would seem to disengage for no reason and the mower would wind to a stop. The engine still ran fine as well as the rest of the hydraulics ( loader, up/down mechanism of mower ).The mower deck was fully checked first for broken parts or belt slipping, but all was well.
    Then the next day or sometimes within hours it would engage fine again then after mowing for a time would stop again. This went on like this through the balance of the mowing season last year and into this season with the frequency and duration between when the mower will engage getting worse.
    We also checked if the problem was related to the seat sensor since we started experiencing an increase in the condition where the engine would cut out while going over a bump. We did find the spring wire weld within the seat where the sensor attaches to broke, so we by-passed the sensor under the seat to see if that was related to the problem with the PTO. However it had no effect on the PTO shutting off or not starting at all while mowing, but the problem with stalling when hitting a bump went away. Of course we値l correct this condition since by passing the switch can lead to serious safety issues.
    Back to the PTO problem, I had verified that when the PTO for the mid mount mower stopped working that also the rear PTO would not engage. Also this condition of the PTO not responding will occur whether the mower deck is attached or not so again it is not related to the mower deck.
    However sometime when I have been shifting from mid PTO to the rear PTO it sometimes engages and this will allow me a hour or two of mowing at best before the PTO winds to a halt.
    Another interest coincidence is that sometime after the PTO stops I continue to use the tractor as a loader then for the **** of it I値l try to engage the PTO and sure enough it will surprise me and I値l try to get in a little mowing before she shuts down the operation.
    What makes this matter even worse is that I have talked with at least three (3) dealers as well as a Massey Furguson technical representative and they have no answers or good suggestions to say the least. Unfortunately I cannot afford to have the machine towed to a dealer since they are hours away. So I am hoping to get some good advise from the TractorByNet community to lead me in the right direction.
    By the way this is not my first piece of equipment, I have had a JD 350 Dozer, Case 480 Backhoe, Ford Tractor, kubota Bx series compact tractor with loader (just before they offered the backhoe attachment), so I have some experience with light weight heavy equipment.
    Please SOS.....Help

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    Default Re: MF GC2310 PTO Horror Mystery

    I have a "new" 2310 (only 96 hrs) so I haven't had any problems yet, but I see where the PTO drive does in fact have a wet-disc clutch inside....(sure doesn't act like it does!)

    Unless your operation linkages have a lot of wear/slop in them, it sounds like it may be the clutch, which looks a lot like a motorcycle clutch- friction discs and separator plates, with a spring holding the assembly together. There's also a PTO drive gear, essentially a short splined shaft, that could be worn or chipped.

    With that many hours on the tractor, I'd bet you've got some pretty good wear in there somewhere. The manual says, unfortunately, that you have to separate the transmission from the tractor to get at this stuff. This section is called the "PTO Clutch Pack."

    Hope this helps...
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    Default Re: MF GC2310 PTO Horror Mystery

    G'day and welcome to TBN what a bugger of a problem looking at the parts list it does not indicate how it is activated i assume that it is electric over hyd, if this is so you may have a bad switch try hooking up a test light to the control solenoid to see if the power drops off when the pto stops if it does then you can work your way back to the switch and see what happens to the power supply when it stops. Don't forget to check power into the switch as this may be intermittent. Best of luck


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