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    Default Kubota LA211 Hydraulic Bucket

    Hey Folks-
    A friend of mine has a kubota LA211 ( BX2200) whose hydraulic lines went bad. She knows how to reconnect all the hydraulic lines, that's not the issue. The issue that we are having, despite reading all of the manuals we have and can find online, is that we can not locate where to insert the hydraulic fluid. So far, to the best that we can interpret, the insertion point would be the Tank port ( page 11 in the LA 211 manual for the front loader operations). However, I still dont feel like this is right. Any ideas or suggestions for a totally ignorant old lady( even though she's saying totally foxy, single old lady) would help. Thanks a lot guys.

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    Default Re: Kubota LA211 Hydraulic Bucket

    i would say the best place that i think the hydrolic fluid would be kept in the smaller tractors would be in the loader itself not on the tractor.

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    Default Re: Kubota LA211 Hydraulic Bucket

    Look at the back of the tractor. Just above the PTO and below the top link will be an orange cap hiding among all of the grey metal and to the left of that will be a piece of wire fashioned into a loop. The orange cap is where you put hydraulic fluid and the loop or wire is the dipstick to check it. You WILL need a very flexable funnel. The loader uses the tractor's hydraulic fluid.

    There is a whole discussion about what type of hydraulic fluid to use, but it seems that most feel the kubota SUDT is the best choice for the little Kubotas like the BX2200.
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