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    Default IH 184 Lo-Boy PTO clutch Slipping

    Hi All

    I have a 184 lo-boy that has the electric PTO clutch, My issue is when I put any load on it from my mower it sqeals and slips, I have checked the belts and pulleys on the mower deck and tractor, All turn freely. Is there any adjustments or cleaning of the pressure plates (if it can get dirt or grime on it)? Im looking for any thoughts before taking it in to a shop. Also if it is a bad clutch, am I better off just having a new one put in or a re-build?


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    Default Re: IH 184 Lo-Boy PTO clutch Slipping

    Check to see that it is drawing the correct amps and has the full voltage when engaged. A bad switch, wiring, connector or ground can cause it to slip and will soon ware out the friction material and over heat things. KennyV.

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    Default Re: IH 184 Lo-Boy PTO clutch Slipping

    Thanks Kenny, I will check all of that. I will say the swicth could be the problem then. The switch has to be flipped a few times to get it to stay up. I will start with that.

    Thanks again!


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