The PTO shaft that came with my Rhino PHD is marginally too short. The problem occurs when the digger is fully raised for transport. With the heavy auger acting as a pendulum it invariably swings in towards the tractor just enough to cause the PTO shields to separate and when it swings back the shield halves catch and tear each other up. I was able to salvage them for many such happenings but now they are beyond repair.

I am sure that if I go back to the Rhino dealer I can get exact replacements but he is far away and I would like to get replacements closer to home. I see lots of cryptic codes and sizes on the replacement PTO shields that I have not been able to decipher. What do they mean when they call a PTO shield metric or inch? I assume this refers to the size of the nylon bearings but I am not sure. The shields on the Rhino PHD are made so that the shaft covers can be removed from the end bells so I could replace them if I could find a source. The replacement shields that I have seen have do not have removeable end bells.