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    Default Ford 1720 Hard starting runs rough!

    My 1720 started to run very rough, and was hard to start. I changed the fuel filter, and the problem persisted. It would trun over and never fire up, someitme it would fire up, but would idle and run rough. I sort of leaned towards clogged injector(s) or injection pump problems. Cleaned and bled injectors, still had the problem. Got prepared to swallow the pride and spend the bucks n a new injeciton pump or take the original and have it repaired / rebuilt. Out of a whim, i checked power to the fuel injection pumps solenoid when I tried cranking it, and it turned out to be intermittent. It turned out to be a defective ignition switch. Sometimes it worked fine, other times it did not, but the problems sure pointed to fuel problems to begin with. $92.00 later for a new ignition switch it runs like a champ again. By design its impossible to keep water out of this switch, unless you keep it stored under a shed all the time. Don't think I will ever buy an O.E.M. switch, and will go generic if it ever happens again.

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    Default Re: Ford 1720 Hard starting runs rough!

    92.00 for a key switch? your dealer took big time advantage of you! [img]/w3tcompact/icons/sad.gif[/img]

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