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    Default Ignition Switch Removal B6200 Kubota

    I have an older kubota B6200. After battery replacement a few months ago the unit has not been starting. Initially it would turn over very slowly as if the new battery did not have enough power to turn over the engine.

    Then one day when trying to start the unit sparks erupted from the negative battery post. After the shower of sparks the unit would not activate the starter when key was turned to "start"

    When key turned to "on" the oil and charge lights would work but go off when the key was turned to "start."

    When turning key to "glow plug preheat" again the oil/charge lights would go off with no preheat to glow plugs.

    Somewhere there is a ground issue.

    I have replaced my negative battery cable and ensured that where it grounds to chassis is clean.

    I have not yet replaced positive cable.

    I used a remote starter system and the starter did turn over the engine slowly, then a spark came from the alligator clip on the solenoid and the remote starter would not work. I did get a turn over by using a screwdrive from the hot post of the starter to the solenoid post.

    I think my ignition switch may be faulty. I noticed a few large cracks through the back plastic of the switch and one of the glow plug connections is loose. I also note a 2 V draw down of voltage when checking the connection from the starter hot post to the ignition feed at the back of the ignition. I indicate 12. 5 V at the starter hot post and 10.5 V at the back of the ignition where the red wire from the starter feeds to the ignition.

    Any direction on how to remove the ignition switch? The dash is removed from the tractor for access.

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    Default Re: Ignition Switch Removal B6200 Kubota

    I'm sure I've seen a B6200, but I can't for the life of me picture the ignition for it...

    My B7300 has the same ignition that kubota supplied for a LOT of its tractors - has a flat key with two notches. That switch just has a threaded collar that you unscrew from the front, and then pull the switch through back of the panel it's installed in. That location varies by model and can be a bit tough to get to...

    Before you spend too much time messing with the switch, I highly recommend you replace your other battery cable. I worked as a golf course maintenance mechanic, and you'd be surprised at how many electrical and starting problems were simple cable issues. Even if the cable looks good, it can be corroded on the inside, especially at the end that connects to the starter.

    A lot of the time you can get a voltage drop to the ignition switch because of a bad connection or cable. The other thing that might be going on is the switch wiring. You can jumper the wires if you know which is which and that will bypass the switch.

    But since you're having trouble getting a remote starter to work, I'm still thinking bad connection to battery. Might even be the battery, but the turning over, then spark, then nothing sounds like connection. Remember that a remote starter is just a simple switch - same thing as the key switch in the dash, so since you're having problems with two's probably something else.

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