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    Default Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    Hello everyone: I just purchased a used Ford 101 2 bottom plow. Replace the points on it successfully but I have 3 questions.
    #1: Does anyone have the original manual for this plow?
    #2: When using the plow yesterday, it tripped for the first time and will NOT go back into the normal "untripped" position. I tried backing the tractor once the plow tripped with no luck. I even tried to back it against something stationary with no luck as well. Any thoughts?
    #3: When looking at the back of the tractor, the right plow does not engage the ground. I've tried various things to change this with no luck. Need help Please..............

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    Default Re: Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    There is an operator's manual for the 101 plow on ebay right now. You can buy it now for like $14.95, and $7.50 shipping.

    A little steep on the shipping, but depends on how bad you need a manual I guess. It is an original Ford manual.

    Here is the link... FORD 101 PLOW OPERATOR'S MANUAL - eBay (item 380174275693 end time Dec-03-09 09:23:02 PST)

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    Default Re: Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    Thanks for the reply. I did some research and actually found a site with many manuals available for printing. Here's the URL:
    Index of Manuals

    Any ideas on the other questions that I had?


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    Default Re: Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    1. Good find on the Index of Manuals. You will find your answers in the manuals found there. Anyway:
    2. Probably shear bolt trip. The plow may be at least a bit rusty and tight and therefor won't reset. PB Blaster and loosen some bolts to get reset and install new shear bolt(s).
    3. How did you set up the plow & tractor. Rough starting adjustments are achieved by hitching the plow to the tractor, setting the left side wheels on blocks equal in height to the depth you wish to plow, then level the plow fore/aft & laterally so it justs contacts the floor. Then go to the field and follow the instructions in the manual.
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    Default Re: Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    when my plow shear bolt breaks and the plow tips up and I can't get it back into position i wrap a chain around it and wrap the other end of the chain around something very stationary (tree) and pull with the tractor.

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    Default Re: Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    Hi Everyone, thanks for the replies. My 101 is a spring tension model and from what I'm reading does not have the shear bolts (or am I mis-reading?). There is an option of increasing the amount of resistance required to trip the spring and I will attempt to try that.
    Has anyone attempt to take apart the part of the plow that houses the shear bolt or spring trip to clean/oil-grease it and put it back together? My experiences in the past has been mixed where it is an easy task to complete and other times it was a nightmare. With something this old, I'm almost hesitant to attempt it. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Ford 101 plow - need manuals & advice

    I see that you have the shop manual. Other than just Ford Tractor parts, New Holland now offers free parts manuals online. Check out and click on "Parts and Manuals"
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