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    Default A/C Squealing!!!

    Attention kubota L4610 drivers!!! (read in your best "attention K-Mart shoppers", style)

    Seems there may be a family problem with L4610 units with air conditioning. They tend to make an obnoxious squeal with the A/C running, especially at lower RPM with the tractor properly warmed up and exercised for a while.

    Might be an idler pulley problem. There are two kinds: 1. All mehanical, spring loaded idler to tension the belt. This type has bearing held in by a snap ring which might malfunction and let things move wrong or the bearing might go bad prematurely or... 2. Electro mechanical tensioner type, has a solenoid that pulls in, tightening the belt when the A/C compressor is on. Clever thought, that, not tensioning the belt all the time, saving wear on bearings but...

    My dealer's tech who works on my Kubota is in contact with Kubota to try to get resolultion for me. I have had intermittent squealing with the A/C on since I've had the tractor, worse at low RPMs, worse when thoroughly warmed up from hard work.

    Not wanting to tighten the belt too much, I cleaned everything with a spray cleaner for disk brakes and applied belt dressing for some temporary relief. Didn't last long.

    Anyone else out there experienced this?


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    Default Re: A/C Squealing!!!

    If I remember correctly, my belt adjustment is a fixed idler.
    I had squealing problem, but just tightend the belt as per shop manual & have had no more squealing problem, but it seems to me, the ac may be on the small side for hot weather. If running full rpm, everything is OK. If running low rpm with sun on the glass, discharge air on the head vents runs from 60 to 70 degrees. Have looked once or twice & did not find bubbles in the sight glass.

    Just wondered how this compared to yours?
    Really do like the tractor though.

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    Default Re: A/C Squealing!!!

    Well, I've been wondering why the a/c unit on my 2910 wasn't putting out cold air. Guess I ought to check my electro mechanical tensioner solinoid. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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