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    Default new holland tc33 clutch issue

    I have a new holland tc33 that I think has a clutch problem. When I crank the tractor and press the clutch in to put it in gear it grinds the gears, I have talked to the local dealer and they said it sound like the clutch was stuck or the hub assembly that the throw out bearing is on is stuck. I took the tractor apart and found that the hub that the throw out bearing is on was indeed stuck. I removed the hub assembly and throw out bearing and sanded and lubed with a silicone lubricant. I also looked at the clutch assembly and it appered to be ok. I put back together and still had the same problem. Pulled tractor back apart and pulled the clutch off and it looked like it may have been stuck, lightly sanded clutch and pressure plate to remove rust and put back together and still have the same problem. When I put the clutch back in, the fingers that the throw out bearing press against looks like they go back to a flat positon, should these fingers be pointed out toward the throw out bearing? I think I need to replace the clutch assembly but I am not sure. I am doing the work myself due to the cost of having a dealer do it. Any info./help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: new holland tc33 clutch issue

    When it is installed the pressure plate fingers will flatten out some.
    It is putting tension on the clutch plate.
    Have you adjusted the linkage to get about a 1/2 inch of pedal free play at the top?
    As far as replacing the clutch, are the rivets below the contact surface?
    If the plate is not oil soaked or burned it is probably ok.
    It sounds like it just isn't releasing properly. Which can be that it isn't adjusted correctly.
    You have corrected the sticking issues and if you put it back together right I think I would check the pedal free play.
    If there is an inspection cover , have someone push the clutch pedal while you look to see if everything is ok.
    Hope this helps.

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