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    Default Hi, new guy needing some help with a farmtrac 300

    My father and I have a farmtrac 300dtc. We were changing the oil today and noticed there was a standard looking oil fill cap on the top of the valve cover and then on the side, that would be considered passenger side of a car, there is a smaller cap and on top of it, it say 'motor oil' Being new to owning tractors this confused us. We also think the oil sending unit went bad because it began flashing and is solid red now.

    We are unsure how many quarts of oil this engine should take. (mitsu 3 cylinder diesal)
    We are unsure if we need to fill both of those caps up with oil.
    And wondering if the sending unit tends to go bad on these engines(as it does on my jeep about every 3rd oil change lol)

    Thanks so much for your help in advance and sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.

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    Default Re: Hi, new guy needing some help with a farmtrac 300

    Can't help you with the capacity question or the sender, but I think I can help you with the multiple oil filler caps.
    Many of our CUT engines are used in more then one application. For example, the Yanmar engine in my Deere 790 is also used in industrial and marine applications. In those other applications, the location of the oil filler is different then that used in the tractor application. This is due to access in those industrial or marine applications.
    So, for your Farmtrac, use the filler on the valve cover.
    Since you don't know the capacity, I assume you do not have a manual. You can try an internet search, but I doubt you find anything (but still try). You can also contact the company or previous owner you bought the tractor from. I believe Farmtrac has gone out of the U.S market so parts may be difficult to obtain.
    However, you do have a dipstick... So, add one quart and check the dipstick (give it time for the oil to drain to the sump). If no oil on the stick, add another quart and check the stick again...repeat this until you see oil on the dipstick. Once you get to three quarts, add 1/2 quart and check (this is due to the dipstick probably being calibrated in liters rather then quarts) and repeat until you see oil on the dipstick. Once you see oil on the dipstick, stop. If it's about 1/2 way between the MAX/MIN marks, that's good...better a bit low then overfilled. Make sure you keep track of how much oil you have added so you'll know the capacity at the next oil change.
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    Default Re: Hi, new guy needing some help with a farmtrac 300

    thank you very much sir that helped alot

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    Default Re: Hi, new guy needing some help with a farmtrac 300

    4.75 quarts oil including filter, 3.75 without filter.

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