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    Default Flail Mower Mott/Alamo Parts: gear box

    I have my 88" flail mower that's fine. However, I keep twisting the drive-shaft I got from Tractor Supply. I don't have a slip clutch, the belt has worked quite well for that!

    There is a local tractor shop that has an 88" offset Flail pretty much just like the one I have. The gear box is stripped out and pcs. are laying all over the place, so I doubt I could repair it like I did my other one. It does have, however, a factory drive shaft with the the slip clutch. His price is right at $150. For the drive-shaft and over-all parts the price is worth that. But, I know me, I won't be able to leave well enough alone.

    Who deals in used parts for the comer (I've seen two different styles of gear boxes on the same model)? I know I can get parts from and even the entire box but I can buy another complete flail for much less than they are asking for just a rebuilt box.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Flail Mower Mott/Alamo Parts: gear box

    I am looking for a pinion shaft for the old style Mott gearbox (with the caps). Any chance that the one that dealer has torn apart is one of those? The part number would be 100225 for the pinion and 700493 for the whole gearbox. My gearbox has a small plate on it stamped "148-U". Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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    Default Re: Flail Mower Mott/Alamo Parts: gear box

    Don't really need a slip clutch on a flail but I would sure be looking into the reason you're twisting shafts. You might have some pieces of gear floating around inside the gearbox.

    I wound up a couple of hundred feet barb wire before my flail smoked, squealed and stalled the tractor. Probably would have kept going if it wasn't for the cedar fence post. I couldn't reach the pto lever fast enough. Didn't bend or break anything but it was not a good feeling and was a real PITA to clear.

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