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    Default Weavers Compact Tractor Parts , Buyers Beware!

    I don't make it a habit of trashing businesses on here, but maybe I can save someone else some aggravation. I was looking for a 770b loader for my Ford 1910, so I started calling some local dealers and salvage yards. I came across
    Weavers' in Pennsylvania in a issue of Tractor House. I spoke to them several times asking about the condition and making sure they had all the brackets and pieces needed to mount this to my tractor. They reassured that they did multiple times ! They also told me that it was in good condition for its age, with NO welds, repairs, or cracks. They then told me they would take 1500 for it. Sounded like a good deal! ??? Today I hopped in the truck and drove four hours to there establishment, boy was I disappointed and mad. The front bracket was missing for starters which" they said they had!" Now the bad part, the loader frame had been patched and repaired (poorly) so many times I think the capacity would have been cut in half! When I said I didn't think it was worth 500 he then said I could have it for that much (500) and was still missing the front bracket and would take 100 hours of fabrication time to fix , Then replace all the lines ( Hard and Soft) at that point I walked away. The moral of this story have the email you pics of what your buying before you waste a couple hundred bucks driving there. The good thing was, I did check out some other local dealers and the weather was crappy so the day wasn't a total loss.

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    Default Re: Weavers Compact Tractor Parts , Buyers Beware!

    These days it pays to investigate by using all the resources you can muster up, BEFORE commiting your self. And your money. Its been my experience that one mans definition of " excellent condition" isn't the same as mine. At least you were able to walk away without any more harm done.
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    Default Re: Weavers Compact Tractor Parts , Buyers Beware!

    I've been waiting a month to get steering shaft bearings for my kubota B7100.
    I contacted Weaver's by phone, told them I have a Kubota B7100 and I need a couple steering shaft bearings. A week later I get them, the wrong ones. I call them back, tell them it's a Kubota B7100 and the bearings they sent are wrong. The guy says "yup, they must have put the wrong ones in the box". I return the bearings in the same box with the invoice on which I have writen the bearing size measurments of the ones they sent and the ones I need also that the tractor I have is a Kubota B7100. A week later I call to see if they had recieved the returns as the postage cost me as much as the bearings $25. He says "yup, you should get them in a couple days". I finally get them... THE WRONG ONES AGAIN!!! I told them two times on the phone and once in writing that I have a Kubota B7100 and I still get the wrong parts. At this point I'm cutting my losses as I'm sure would have over a hundred dollars into it and still have the wrong bearings! I'm going to call Messick's on Monday.
    Weaver's?..... good luck.

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    Default Re: Weavers Compact Tractor Parts , Buyers Beware!

    Quote Originally Posted by tjc1989 View Post
    .... Its been my experience that one mans definition of " excellent condition" isn't the same as mine.....
    I've responded to ads on Kijiji where the seller says things like "... like new", "... only used once", "... excellent condition", ".... rarely used" etc only to find the item rusted beyond use or all the bearings frozen up. Again I've responded to ads where the seller says things like "... below average" and "... as is in need of repair" only to find the paint was a little faded. So it can go both ways.

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