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    Default Need a Hinomoto E1804 Bell Housing

    I have a Hinomoto E1804 with a Koyker 120 FE Loader attached to it. The FE Loader has broken my bell housing not once, but twice. Had it welded the first time, but this time it's broken BAD on both sides.

    I'm looking to replace the bell housing. I'll just take off the Koyker loader and sell it. It is obvious that the cast aluminum bell housing can't take the stress from even light loads in the front end loader. There wasn't 100 lbs of weight in it being dumped when it broke.

    Help! I'm in the Dallas, Texas, area.

    Pictures of the cracks.

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    Default Re: Need a Hinomoto E1804 Bell Housing

    Ouch those cracks look painful and expensive. If you promise not to use the loader again why not try welding again? A good weld should be stronger than the original section.
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    Default Re: Need a Hinomoto E1804 Bell Housing

    So that's what a cracked aluminum bell housing looks like

    I have an E14d, that I've read in numerous places not to use a front loader on because the aluminum casting can't handle it. But mine came with one so I've been using it. Mostly to scoop gravel from the front to the back yard. Haven't had any problems yet, but seeing that picture such does make me worry.

    Can you show another picture from further back that shows how the FEL is mounted on yours?

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