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    Default B7500 Fuel Filter

    Has anyone had experience getting the fuel filter assembly out of the filter bowl on a 2002 kubota B7500? After I screwed the bowl off the tractor, I had a hard time getting the white "disc" that the filter is attached to out of the bowl. I had to use a dental pick to pull it out, and risked damaging the filter. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/shocked.gif[/img] Luckily, it worked out, but there has to be an easier way.

    Thank goodness for fuel bowls and filters! I got some bad fuel that had some !@#$% that settled in the my fuel can. When I poured it into my tractor fuel tank, I noticed as I neared the last bit of fuel I was pouring, that a "silty" substance was going into the funnel. I immediately pulled the funnel out, and the screen in the funnel was clogged enough to prevent any fuel spillage as I whisked the funnel away. Unfortunately, some of the garbage did go into the tank, although I did not notice it at the time. Well, when she ran tough, I knew exactly where to look.

    Two lessons:

    1. Always check your fuel can before filling it, and while you pour.
    2. Use a funnel with a screen

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    Default Re: B7500 Fuel Filter


    A tip that I picked up here at TBN was not to empty the fuel can into the tractor, but rather to save the last quart or so for a glass jar.

    Empty the last quart of so into a glass jar, and let any water or junk settle out, before pouring the remaining fuel into the tractor.

    Tried this on my first fuel up, and found a tablespoon or so of water in the remaining fuel. Second time, when using off-road fuel from another station, I found absolutely nothing but fuel in the remaining quart.

    I think I will make this a standard practice at my end....simple enough to do.

    Bill Macher...not too far from the Pgh, PA city limits...

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    Default Re: B7500 Fuel Filter

    I don't think there's any easier way to get that white disc out of the bowl.

    I had the same problems; had to use an awl to pry the thing out.

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