Hey Folks,
I have a Satoh Buck 3cyl. Diesel that I mowed with recently. It cranked fine as it always has and ran fine. After mowing for an hour or so I stopped and disconnected the mower and then went to move the tractor. However when I turned the key nothing happened. I had it in nuetral, clutch depressed... and nuthing... nada. I waited a few minutes and tried again, this time (with the hood up) I heard a click and saw a faint puff of white smoke come off of the positive terminal. That was it, nothing else... tried again a few minutes later and nothing at all. I have checked the battery it load tested good. I have checked the battery terminals and they are clean and tight. I checked the grounding to the tractor and it is good. This tractor has never given any issue like this ... any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!