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    Default Re: 1962 IH B-414 (gas),MANUAL? fluid changes, filter types?

    Distributor specs are: .014 gap on ignition points & .025 on spark plugs. I would replace the rotor, cap & condensor when you replace the points. Also check or replace the plug wires if they have some years on them. I think a little oil on them destroys the insulation after awhile. I started up my 3414 in the dark barn one damp morning and it looked like a miniature fireworks display along the wires. Since I don't use this tractor much anymore, periodically I have to take the distributor cap off and gently clean the points and cap. When I park it I pull the cap and spray WD40 in it. Seems to keep the moisture out pretty well. Now, if I could only find a source for non-ethanol gas around here, it would be much happier....Dan.
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    Default Re: 1962 IH B-414 (gas),MANUAL? fluid changes, filter types?

    Thank for your post. I had the same questions about my 1961 B414.
    This is a great site for getting help and tips.

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    Default Re: 1962 IH B-414 (gas),MANUAL? fluid changes, filter types?

    my operator manual shows that it take IH Hy-Trans fluid for the transmission not 80-90 gear oil.

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