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    Default Lots of grease???

    I was greasing my tractor today (a JD 5520), and the grease zerks on the top outsides of the back axles each took about 50 shots of grease, and I still never saw any come out anywhere. Does this strike anyone as odd? Should I just keep adding grease until I eventually see some come out? Could it be that there was never enough grease in them in the first place? I have greased them several times before, and generally I just stopped after about 5-10 shots of grease. I never saw any come out before, but did not think much of it since it seems like it would come out on the inside of the rear wheel, and I just figured I could not see it. This time however, I really got up under there and looked, and sure enough, I still after 50 shots could not see any grease coming out. Seems pretty strange, but where could all that grease be going? I have put about 1 full tube of grease in those two fittings alone. Am I doing any harm? I know that you can put in too much oil, but I have never heard of too much grease. Anyone have any insight?

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    I will let the people that really know give you the true answer, but I can tell you that one of the biggest reasons for bearing failure in the process lines of the company that I worked for before it shut down, was over greasing. What happened was that over greased bearing would heat up, and also the excess grease pumped in would damage seals and lead to bearing failure due to contamination and washout.

    I don't know how this applies to your tractor. Mine does not have any grease fittings like that...kubota B2910.

    Anyway, at least I helped to get the tread started! [img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Bill in Pgh, PA

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    Default Re: Lots of grease???

    Get yourself a shop manual and see if that area has any seals to keep the grease in. The kinpin/spindles on my 1050 have seals on the bottom to hold the grease in. I usually give them 1-2 shots and then move on.

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    Default Re: Lots of grease???

    I'll have to check my manual. I have a JD 2640 and I do the same as you did...Give em 5-10 squirts about 3 times a year

    Looking forward to an answer or a good story at least


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