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    Default John Deere AMT 622 5-wheel gator help

    Just bought a used john deere gator 622. This is the old 5 wheeler model.
    It runs but lacks some power. I cannot go up any hills. I changed the spark plug, fuel filter, oil. The kawasaki motor burns some oil but don't think this is the cause. Could it be the fuel pump? This was stored outside for a year.

    Also the Gator grinds gears some when putting lever in forward or reverse, the previous owner turned down the idle some. Someone told me it's the clutch buttons on the secondary clutch. How do I change this? Don't I need a clutch puller?

    Would love to make this gator usable on the farm.


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    Default Re: John Deere AMT 622 5-wheel gator help

    Any idea the number of hours on the motor? Seems they quit making those more than 15 years ago? But have seen them run for years with little maintenance. Just not familiar at all with what is "under the hood".

    The bit of grind is typical of the power train in the Gator. Least is familiar "ring" to mine. Low idle is better. Not sure if that is a problem or adjustable. The bit of grind may be normal.

    I'd concentrate on the motor, to see why it is lacking power.

    Maybe stop by a Deere dealer to get some pointers as to what you assume are problems.

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    Default Re: John Deere AMT 622 5-wheel gator help

    The clutch bumpers (buttons) are replacable. You can get them a a John Deere dealer, or go to A new belt would be wise. But first, turn the secondary clutch halves in oposite directions, enough to pry them apart (huge scew driver) and spray the shaft with a good penatrating lube. Do this several times, with the belt off, untill the clutch halves move freely. Then clean the clutch faces before installing the belt again. The bumpers should be a last look, unless they are noticably worn or gone. 3 are for forward, 3 are for reverse. If any are gone, you may want to polish the surface they ride on with a fine emery cloth. Good luck.

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