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    Default Ford Jubilee Steering box

    I have a 1953 Ford Goladen Jubilee.....When you turn the wheel to the right it steers fine to the right,,when you turn the wheel to the left the steering wheel raises and will not turn the arms...It actually acts like its unscrewing up and out until it reaches a certain point then it stops,,,,whill never turn left only right...Almost acts like a pin might be broke on the bottom of shaft???Any ideas on what needs to be done and how I go about it????

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    Default Re: Ford Jubilee Steering box

    Haven't had that steering box apart but if it works like most, there are two bearings on the steering shaft, when you turn the wheel one way it pushes down against the bearing on the end of the shaft/ in the bottom of the box. Turn the wheel the other way and it pushes up against the upper bearing on the steering shaft. I would guess that your upper bearing has gone south on you and when you turn the wheel, it allows the steering shaft to be pushed upwards rather than moving the ball nut/sector shaft. Pretty easy fix if this is the case. One of the Ford Gurus will have to chime in and confirm whether this is likely the problem though.

    On edit: Looks much like I described. You can look at the parts break down at or Messicks website. Parts #26 and #27 are the bearings. #28 is the ball nut. #11 is the sector shaft. I am going to say just the upper bearing ( the one on top of the ball nut) has to be replaced and you'll be good to go.
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    Default Re: Ford Jubilee Steering box

    yep.. very likely the upper thrust bearing is bad.. might have dropped some rollers into the box.. pull it apart, remove old bearing, replace.. check lower bearing.. clean out, and then put her back together.. adjust preload with shims.. and relube. I like filling them with a nlgi 0 or 00 # grease ( jd cornhead is an example ) if the top bushing at the steering wheel is bad.. replace that too.

    adjust the sector backlash and you will be good to go.
    fo-19 service manual tells you how to time the steering sector gears to the worm gear ballnut.

    you will spend more time dinking with the sheet metal than actually repairing the steering box..


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