Well last night i got the engine out of my 1650 oliver. This Spring i lost the clutch and i have had the tractor sitting. Being winter is coming i need my tractor back up and running.

What i am trying to find out is this. What is going to be the best clutch for my tractor. There is two types the 6large pads which is 328 dollars. Then there is a woven, that is 232 dollars. That is the full clutch kit with throw out and pilot bearings. My clutch was down to where the rivets were coming apart.

The pressure plate was glassed over really bad. Thank god my buddy, who owns a machine shop was helping me. We took the pressure plate and machined it down some.

You could see and feel the hard and high spots on the face of the pressure plate. Any details or info you could give me would be a great help.

Oliver 1650 Clutch tractor parts