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    Default solenoid problem?

    I have a L4200GST. Well, actually its my neighbors, but I use it more than him! I always stop the engine by just turning the key off, and it stops. Today I went to turn it off and it kept running. Had to stop it by using the stop pull cable on the dashboard. Could I have a bad solenoid? Broken wire? etc. I had been starting and stopping it all day by the key. All of the sudden this happened. Solenoid doesn't work at all. Anybody out there had this come up before?

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    Default Re: solenoid problem?

    just had a simular problem only engine would not start. there is a 15Amp fuse or a timer defective,or the fuel cut off solenoid is defective. my problem was trash keeping the solenoid from inguaging. also the electrical system prints suggests possible loose wiring going to switch.
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    Default Re: solenoid problem?

    I had to replace the fuel shut off solenoid on my L4150, located on the firewall behind the dash. Check that perhaps.

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