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Over the weekend, I experienced my first flat on my kubota L3400. The front left tire went flat and the bead was broken. My question is, if I jack up the side of the tractor where the wheel is flat, will I be able to put air in the tire and it will pop back on? Or will I need to use bead sealer or take the rim off and take it to a pro? Thanks for the input.
I can not offer any suggestions beyond what has been offered with the exception of using ether that I dislike very much. I have several friends that have done it and like it. in the field and during use you might lose the tire bead and it is unavoidable. What I suggest is at least during extended storage put an appropriate wood block or jack stands under the axles should you have a small leak. For sure you will not have to pop the bead back in. This has been useful for me on many occasions.