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    Default Swapping Wheels and Tires

    I have a B6200 4wd and a B1550 4wd and was wondering if I would be able to swap the wheels and tires on each of these machines. I have a buyer for the B6200 but wants the wheels and tires off of the B1550.

    B 1550
    F = 20.5X8.00-10 (bar turf)
    R= 31X15.50-15 (turf)

    F= 6-12 (R1)
    R= 8.3-16 (R1)

    I like the R1 but I am not shure if I will have a 4wd problem by swapping.

    Thanks - JBCat

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    Default Re: Swapping Wheels and Tires


    I faced a similar situation with my B6100 4wd when I got it. It had R1's and I wanted to switch to Turfs or R4's. It was impossible to compare tire sizes and determine if there would be a front-to-rear 4wd ratio problem with new tires.

    What I ended up doing is measuring the rolling circumference for the front and rear tires of both the old tires and the proposed new ones. If you swap with the same rolling circumference, you will be OK.

    To measure the rolling circumference, I marked a spot on the tire and the starting spot on the ground. I rolled forward ten turns of the tire and marked the stopping spot on the ground. Measured the distance traveled, devided by 10 and that is the rolling circumference of the tire.

    You can get the rear/front ratio of your tractor by deviding the rear rolling circ. by the front rolling circ.

    You should be able to swap any set of tires that has the same rear / front ratio.

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    Default Re: Swapping Wheels and Tires

    I had to go to an old kubota whole goods book for this one. The fronts are the same size. With the rears, the turfs from the B1550 are 31 - 15.5 - 15 and the turfs that would fit the B6200 are 29 - 12 - 15. The 3 inch difference in sidewall could lead to drivetrain problems eventually.

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    Default Re: Swapping Wheels and Tires

    Now that I think about it, isnt it the ratio between the front tire rotation to the rear??? And if it works on one kubota 4wd shouldnt work on another kubota 4wd tractor of similar size??? JBCat

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    Default Re: Swapping Wheels and Tires

    Try these sites. You will have to look around a bit for your tire type and size...

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    Default Re: Swapping Wheels and Tires

    I was thinking along the same lines as you. But I got to thinking that the front to rear drive ratio might be different even if the gearbox looked the same on the outside. If you are off with the ratio you could be replacing some expensive drive parts in the future.

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    Default Re: Swapping Wheels and Tires

    Im now thinking that the front wheels and tires and should be matched to the rears and it shouldnt matter what tractor it goes on. I will have to check with the dealer the next time im there.

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