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    Default Kubota dripping fluid

    My L4330HSTC is dripping fluid. Under the tractor is a little hanging thing - kind of like an arrow. There is a small bead of oil on the tip and a small but growing puddle under it. You can push up on the arrow thing about 1/2 to 1/4 inch.

    What is this thing?

    We changed the HST and Hydro filters a few weeks ago.

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    Default Re: Kubota dripping fluid

    A picture would help, but it sounds like a "jiggle pin". They are put in a housing drain hole to keep the hole from plugging up. It would appear that you have a seal leaking. Is it engine or hydraulic oil? I guess it might be possible for it to be antifreeze too. Anyway, the tractor will probably have to be split to replace a seal, or in the case of antifreeze, a soft plug.


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