4500 Ford tlb Shuttle Shift

Any Shuttle Shift experts out there?? I'm only a newbe to this

I have a 1973 4500 Ford, I was running it one day and noticed it was sluggish, it needed more fuel to get it to move, I shut it down and about a hour later started it up again scooped some dirt and started to go dump it when it stopped and wouldn't move any more, and the shuttle shift was stuck in neutral, and the tranny started leaking where the plate was on the bottom of the tranny. I used the hoe to get it back in the yard, I also noticed that even with the engine off the shuttle shift would not move.

I took the valve block off and removed the two blocker valves, the shuttle moved no problem when removed, so I installed the two valves and the shuttle would not move, with the engine running or not. I Removed the high pressure line off to check & see what it had for pressure, there wasn't a drop of fluid came out I also checked line pressure at the tranny cooler with the same result, not a drop.
My problem is beside the obvious. What do I change the Torque & pump and what else, seals, and where would a good place be to gather these parts, I live in Canada in Nova Scotia....

Thanks for the input!!!