I have just bought a JD 425 manufactured 07/96. Unfortunately It has a few issues. For starters the serial # tag is missing along with the Differential lock linkages from the pedal.In my research there is different linkages depending on the serial#. Since I don't have that number is there another way to identify what parts I would need?
Next The differential lock will not disengage. I've been search all over the net for information regarding this issue but only have found other people have the same problem but no answers resolving the issue. I assume its not a linkage issue since there is none there. I would think that the linkage would only engage the lock any ways. So my guess would be that it is the internal maybe the spring.
To replace this spring if that is whats wrong do I have open up the whole transaxle to get to the bad parts. or is that accessible other ways.
Any information regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated by my self and anyone else who finds this post.