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    If the valestems are to long the valves shouldn't close fully wich would show in a compression checkor visibly,can't remember if you did that(crs).this could also cause spring binding which is a horrible noise.within reason tops of stems can be shortened.if valves are too short they can be seated deeper within reason.your machinist buddy would be the best one to decide that as he can see it.that is if either of these is the problem

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    Sorry, my brain was fried. Of course it won't knock between the compression and power stroke! Like you said, they're not opening! Thanks, Norm! They sure do look like they're closing all the way. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to delay it a couple days, got the "honeydo" list to finish up. I'll let you know what I find.


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    Well, I finally had a chance to get back to this guy, thought I'd let you know what I found out. Ended up taking the engine to a local Kohler expert to have a look-see. I figure if he's worked on them for 30+ years, he can figure it out! He took out the crank, cam, and valves. Checked all the specs. The only thing he found was the crank end-play was on the low side, between .004-.005" (same thing I found also). Spec is .003-.020". The only thing he did was put in another shim for the crank, and button it back up. It's been sounding good for 8-10 hours now. Maybe that's all it was. He wasn't too concerned with the slight knocking when rocking the flywheel back and forth, said he's also seen that and that wasn't causing the hard knock. I guess if it ever starts again, I'm going to load up the tractor and take it to him to listen to.

    Thanks to all those who helped me out on this!

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