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    Ford 555 backhoe

    Default 1978 Ford 555 backhoe fuel transfer pump problem

    I encountered a problem this summer as I was working the old Ford on moving some dirt in our hay meadow. I would stall it out, and couldn't get it to start again. I bled the injectors, hooked it up to a shop battery charger (225 amp) and got it to go doing this, but after reading the shop manual decided that the fuel transfer pump might be the problem. The manual said that, in hot weather, a worn out fuel tranfer pump might cause hard starting and loss of power due to the lower viscosity of the warm diesel fuel. The next time it quit (I stalled it out) I got a hose and sprayed down the tranfer pump section of the fuel injection pump with cool water. That did the the trick. The engine started right up. I have successfully restarted the backhoe 5 more times using this method, so my guess is that the tranfer pump needs to be replaced. Can anyone out there confirm that I have correctly diagnosed the problem?

    Has anyone out there replaced a tranfer pump on the fuel injection pump on a Ford 555? If so, can the job be done by a home mechanic with no special calibrating equipment? Does this type of repair require recalibration of the fuel pump? Does anyone know where I can get step by step for performing this repair? Does anyone know where I can order the transfer pump (not a whole new fuel injection pump)?


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    Default Re: 1978 Ford 555 backhoe fuel transfer pump problem

    555? that's a CAV rotary style injector pump? If so, R&R of the transfer pump is generally not thought of as a DIY project. Best bet is to either get the injection pump overhauled by a professional diesel shop, or buy one of the imported CAV knockoff injection pumps available online. Removal and installation of the pump IS a DIY project for many owners.
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    Default Re: 1978 Ford 555 backhoe fuel transfer pump problem

    maybe check how hot the engine is getting, clean and flush the radiator, check the fan and belt, thermostat, an injection job will easily cost over a thousand. Plus, you have to be particular how you take it off and put it on, and time the pump.

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    Default Re: 1978 Ford 555 backhoe fuel transfer pump problem

    Jim, this is by far NOT a home repair job!

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    Default Re: 1978 Ford 555 backhoe fuel transfer pump problem

    from past experience what your describing is the injection pump itself the putting of water on the injection pump is an old trick to help figure out what part of the injection system is not working properly and as you stated when it got wet and cooled off all was well until it got hot again this jobs requires special tools and books to reset the pump when you rebuild if you cant find an pump builder in your let me know i will put you in touch with one close to you.

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