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    Default Cost of John Deere parts

    I was qouted over $500.00 from our local dealer for a starter on a John deere Gator. The Gator has a 2 cyl 18HP Kawasaki Motor. I told the guy that I wanted the regular starter and not the one made of solid gold. He told me that ya thats the price for the regular one.
    Well I thought about this for a while and did a search for one on the Web and found a new aftermarket replacement for just under $50 plus shipping, with 3 year warranty. Even if it failed after 1 year at that price I could just go on replacing it for nearly ten years before I reached the cost of the Deere part. Needles to say I installed the aftermarket part and it has been functioning find for the past 2 months. I like deere products, but the cost of replacement parts is making me think twice before I buy from them again.

    your thoughts on this Subject?


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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    John Deere parts are top quality but I think they charge a premium for their name.

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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    I didn't mean to become a Deere fleet. Buying used equipment, I bought as the opportunity presented itself.

    All of my equipment is at least 15 years old. Parts are available through the dealer. They are expensive in some cases. In other cases, Deere parts are more than competitive. Oil filters for one. Baldwin filters are no bargain compared to the Deere filter.

    In the expensive cases. There are two modes. One... Ease or convenience. Last week I needed a flange mounted bearing. Deere buys them too, but there are many configurations from multiple bearing makers. Deere part was $85, buying from the local industrial supply was $60. But I had to measure the old part, call several suppliers, wait a couple of days AND hope I got the right part. I did the right thing for me... Spent the time and effort, saved $25

    The other expensive mode is when there is no aftermarket. Choice is either pay the Deere price, search the scrap yards or build it yourself. I always like having the choice. Build it yourself is usually much more expensive for a one off at the local machine shop. (Exception... A little home brew engineering. I made a hood brace from 1/2 EMT. Deere wanted $54 I made it from a 10 foot stick of 1/2 EMT... Cost $2 for materials plus 2 hours of thinking and doing.)

    Final thought... The Deere parts price is cheap for the support of old machinery. My tractors don't work when a part is missing or broken.

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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    Phil, new starters from OEM sources are extremely expensive. I'm not sure why. For my New Holland TC45D, the starter is over $600 new. However, I can buy an aftermarket for $170 and an OEM rebuilt starter for $300 minus $50 core fee. Even many equipment dealers are stocking non-OEM parts because they are so much cheaper. Not every Deere dealer may do that, but I think you would find some who would. The way you found the starter is exactly the way I would go. If yoiu know the model you need, you are far better off being your own parts man.

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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    I am sure that is what a Kawasaki starter costs. Buying it from Deere has nothing to do with it.

    I needed a carburetor for a 5 HP Briggs push mower. Cheapest place online was about $30. (plus shipping). The Briggs dealers all wanted about $40 and none had it in stock. I cross referenced it to the Deere number and the local Deere dealer had in in stock for $35!

    I needed several 5/8 x 4 1/2 square headed cap screws for a JD tractor. Fastenal price was around $2.75 each for grade 2. That is also the price from McMaster. Grade 5 was closer to $8 each. I bought the correct bolt from Deere, which was grade 8 for around $2 each. (and they had them on hand)

    I buy most of my bearings through the Deere dealer. They are cheaper than Napa, and very close to the price from the bearing supply house.

    Deere dealers are very competitive for parts you can get somewhere else. However, parts that are Deere only can be very expensive!

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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    We sell a lot of parts through the Case-IH line that are attractively priced to many different markets.

    It's where they have you captive that the price is higher.

    IF enough market develops for the part some one will build it and the price will come down.

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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    Generally I think Deere parts are in line with others as far as price goes. Some parts are going to be expensive due to low demand as well as other factors, while others will be fairly in expensive. There are a few parts I've been shocked at the price on from Deere, but also some that I've been surprised at how cheap they are. For example, our 2550 JD needed a new fuel lift pump. I figured it'd be at least a couple hundred buck, but it was only $65 or so.

    If you want to talk about absolutely ridiculous parts pricing, look at New Holland hay equipment. There are some parts that cost about 10 times what they are worth. There is a push tube on my New Holland mower, it is a piece of pipe, with one bend in it and a couple brackets. Would cost about $30 in materials, they want over $1000 for it. Same thing with a gear box on my rake, you'd think something like $300-400 would be acceptable for a small, very simple, right angle gear box, they want $1300 for it.
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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    The company I work for makes body control modules for many automotive manufactures. The average controller is sold to the manufacture for $42. The manufacture will show a parts counter price of $695 for the same part.

    I think there is enormous profit in the parts supply chain.

    Bob, n8zcc

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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    I remember a study that a magazine did back in the 60's or 70's as to what a $10k car would cost to build if all the parts were purchased thru the parts counter - it came to $250k! So, there has got to be lots of profit in parts.
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    Default Re: Cost of John Deere parts

    Need a water pump for a John Deere 4300 with a Yanmar engine. JD wants nearly $300.00 at the local dealer. I can buy a water pump and pay to have it installed on my diesel truck for less than $150.00. Talk about a rip off. I think I'll trade for an Indian made tractor and save myself some money later on parts. No more JD green for me after this.

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