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    Default '87 JD 175 Hydro - transmission, no power

    Please help if you can!

    I did a stupid thing. I was so pleased with how well my new (used) '87 JD 175 was running that I got carried away.

    While rolling backwards downhill, I shifted the hydrostatic transmission from reverse to forward too abruptly, I think. Here's the sequence of events from there:

    * I gradually lost power, starting with reverse and then forward, but I was able to come to a stop on flat ground.

    * I turned off the engine and noticed that the hydraulid oil/fluid was spurting (audibly!) from the fill cap. This stopped only several seconds after I killed the engine.

    * After letting it sit for several minutes, I tried starting the engine again. Whereas it normally started fine, it wouldn't start on the first several attempts. Eventually, it started partially running in an extremely rough manner for about 30 seconds, then it started running perfectly fine.

    * Subsequently, starting the mower was fine, if not better than ever.

    * I still have no power in reverse, and only very weak power when I shift the hydro all the way forward. It doesn't sound great - high pitched whining.

    * When I look in the tranny fluid fill tube, I can't see the screen at the bottom, so the fluid level still looks normal. The belt is still attached between the engine and the tranny (although the plastic air-mover fan only has 2 blades left on it).

    Did I break my new (used) mower?! I was thinking maybe I just lost too much tranny fluid, so I went out and bought the only hydraulic fluid (meets specs) that the big box store offered, but I'm hesitant to top-off/change the hydro fluid.

    Any advice is enthusiastically appreciated. Thanks,


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    John Deere 175 Hydro 1987

    Default Re: '87 JD 175 Hydro - transmission, no power


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