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    hinomoto E264

    Default hinomoto E264 thermostat

    anyone know where to buy a thermostat for a hinomoto E264 tractor?

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    Default Re: hinomoto E264 thermostat

    Hinomoto was bought out by Hitachi which produced those tractors for the asian and european market only under the "Tierra" brand name.

    However all the engines were made by Toyosha which was bought out by Hinomoto.... get where I'm going with this?

    Hinomoto was the mfg for the small Massey ferguson and Allis tractors until they sold out.

    The t-stats were the same for several engine models. I have no idea what HP yours is but you may try searching for a T-stat for the same size engine in a MF, or Allis. I have seen some of them available from some Massey dealers.

    I have a MF 1010 which is a Hinomoto with the Toyosha engine and finding parts is a nightmare. Currently I don't need anything. I had to make a engine cover release lever and Tach Cable for mine a while back because none are available... If the engine ever needs repair I'll end up having to part out the tractor... not even head gaskets are available.

    Had I any idea that this was not a MF product I'd never have bought it. As Massey usually has great support. However, it runs great, performs work way beyond what you'd expect for it's size.

    If you ever find any leads on parts, here or abroad I'd appreciate you sharing the info.


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