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    Default Water in Rear

    My Iseki TS 2205 has water in the rear/Trans.

    I was checking my levels today. The rear oil was milky/creamy.

    I think I know where it came from the fill cap is just a rubber plug and over time I think water has seeped in.

    Now my question where do you drain the rear/trans and what weight oil would you put in.



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    Default Re: Water in Rear

    Don, I have a 1986 Iseki (21 hp diesel Bolens). In addition to the rubber friction fit filler plug check a big rubber "donut" gasket where the shift lever enters the transmission. Mine was split and a torn accordian-like boot around the shift lever opened the path for water. Also on top of the differential, to the right under the seat is the breather pipe which is a potential entry point. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Water in Rear

    Our grandfathers left their equipment out in the weather, but their is no excuse for us doing it here in the 21st century.

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    Default Re: Water in Rear

    These tractors sat outside. When the temp rises and falls moisture condenses on every metal part. If its outside it dries if inside it pools in the tranny/rear. Keeping the tractor inside certainly can't hurt but over time moisture still collects inside. Even does it in the engine, but we tend to change that much more often than the tranny/hyd. Look under the center of the tranny or rear end area. There should be drain plug/s.
    My Iseki's often have more than one. You should be ready to catch several gallons of oil, found that out the hard way. On mine the hyd/trans/rear are all one reservoir so I use a generic JD rated hyd/trans combination oil. I haven't had a grey market tractor yet that didn't have a bunch of water in everything. Fuel tank, fuel filter, hyd filter, tranny housing, rear ends, front ends etc. That's why I go through and drain all those when I get them.
    The idea of checking shifter boots and fill/check plugs is valid but a lot of the moisture you can't prevent. Simply condensation.

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