Hi all,

I just got a MTD Tractor Mower from a friend for cheap. I'm gonna use it for Snow Removal this winter. Everything seems to be fine, I was able to push the Mower back and fourth to put in the truck to drive home. When I got it home, I took the Mower Deck / Blade off since I don't need it, after that I was able to push it on my deck for fine tuning...

Now the Brake is STUCK I think.... If I start the Tractor I am able to drive back and fourth... and Neutral works too... But if I turn the engine off, key is out and the Tractor is in Neutral, parking brake is released. I can't move it anymore... It seems the Brake is LOCKED UP!!!

The Mower should just move with a small push without the Parked Brake on.... What is wrong?

Did I do something wrong by removing the Mower Deck? I have seen people remove the Mower Deck all the time. Did I remove something else that suppost to be remained?

Please help me!!!

Thank you!!!!!