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    Default Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    If your kubota won't shut off -- your battery may be dead.

    The fuel shut off solenoid is battery actuated. It's normally open and needs the juice to shut off fuel flow.

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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    Thanks for posting the info.
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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    Hi John.
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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    Good to know.....
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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    I noticed a loud click on my RTV about 6 - 10 seconds after the engine shuts off. After investigation I noticed it was the fuel shut off returning to open. BUT... I never even thought about loss of juice resulting in the inability to kill the engine!

    Do we need to ask how you can to such a revelation?

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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    Is it normally open or is it the type of valve where it needs power to either open or close? I know that when I turn the key on I can hear the solenoid click.
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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    My fathers BX23 would not shut off last month, it turned out to be a dead battery. The left rear blinker had some kind of short and drained the battery to the point where it would not hold a charge. Both are all better now

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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    If the battery was dead, how did you start it?
    Also once running I would think that the charging system would be enough to run anything electrical on the tractor, unless it was one heck of a short.

    Did you test the charging system?


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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    Quote Originally Posted by bkc View Post
    the charging system would be enough to run anything electrical on the tractor,
    Right up till you turned the key off, then all power from alt has been cut off and now it's the battery that has to 'finish' the shut procedure.
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    Default Re: Quick Kubota cautionary tale...

    My L3710 had a backup mechanical shutoff. After reading this post, I got out my L5740 manual and it says that if turning off the key doesn't stop the engine, call your dealer. Interesting. One, my dealer is 150 miles from me. Two, they aren't open from noon Saturday to Monday morning. Wonder why they don't give some recommendation for shutting it off, like blocking the air intake or cutting off the fuel some way.

    At Caterpillar, the machines I worked on had 2 system types - power to run and power to shut off. On the power to shut off we were required to have a mechanical means to shut the engine off if the power shutoff failed, but that was probably an internal standard. On one machine it the mechanical shutoff wasn't easy to reach so I suggested writing in the manual, "If the engine doesn't shut down, place your cap over the air intake" but the safety group wouldn't buy that. We had to come up with an auxiliary mechanical fuel shutoff valve that was easy and safe to reach.
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