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    kioti lb1914

    Default Kioti lb1914 no 4wd

    Hi, I'm a new member and recentlly purchased my kioti the front wheels will not engage. It seems to shift smoothly but no 4wd. I am a machinist and feel I have some ability but not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Kioti lb1914 no 4wd

    Welcome to TBN!

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    Default Re: Kioti lb1914 no 4wd

    Welcome to TBN! Sorry to hear your tractor is broke. I think you're going to have to jack all four tires up off the floor, and block it up safely so it won't fall off. Crank it up, engage the 4x4, put it in low gear, and ease the clutch out. See if you can tell if the driveshaft to the front axle is turning. If it is not rotating, then the problem is likely inside the transmission, or maybe with the output shaft where the front driveshaft attaches too. It could also be a problem with the shift linkage, but you said it feels like it is engaging smoothly so that may rule that out.

    If the entire front drive shaft is rotating, then the problem is likely with the input (pinion) shaft, ring and pinion gears, the open differential, or in the gear drives on each end of the axle. At that point, you will need to start taking things apart to determine where the problem is at. Good luck!
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    Timothy, have you figured out what the problem is what the fix is yet? Us LB1914 owners would like to know - there is not too much out there on this machine.

    Good luck with it!!
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    I researched after the 4X4 won't engage, and thought I was into a major tear down.

    Long story short:
    The Front wheel drive shaft is held on to the transmission and front axle by a coupler.
    There is a drift pin to keep the coupler from moving off either shaft.
    The front drift pin fell out and the coupler slid all the way back to the transmission.
    Once I FIND A Drift pin that fits, It's clean up time!

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