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    Default cooling system maintenance

    My new to me 25 year old Case IH/Mitsu has likely never had the radiator boiled out or any cleaning solution put through it. Coolant was changed two years ago. I'm going to do some hot summer mowing with this tractor and I want to make sure it is cooling properly. With only an idiot gauge, I am not at all comfortable waiting for that light to come on telling me I just cooked my engine. The fins don't look clean, but don't look really gooked up/clogged either. Would running a coolant cleaner through help, and if so, any tips? Or should I just take the radiator out and get it boiled/cleaned? Figure I'll only have to do this once, but have to assume no one has done it since the tractor was put into service. Thanks. Drew
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    Default Re: cooling system maintenance

    That radiator does not look all that old so it was probably replaced several years ago. I would get some 1/2" PVC pipe about 4' long and cap it. Drill 2 holes at about 20* apart in the cap. Put this on your garden hose and clean the fins out from the fan area- if possible. Don't worry if you can only do this from the front. Run the tractor to normal temp and shut off. Try to feel the radiator for hot spots without burning yourself. Drain the fluid and observe the inner tubes of the radiator. This is a good time to check/ and replace hoses. The one small hose in your photo appears spent. If the inner tubes have crust forming around the openings I would either flush/ back flush it or have it cleaned. If there is minimal debris just remove the fluid and flush with water.

    Replace the radiator fluid and if you dilute the mixture use only distilled water for this purpose. Check the radiator cap seal and go.
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    Default Re: cooling system maintenance

    i'm not a fan of coolant system cleaners the biggest reason is it destroys the water pumps for over 30 years what i do is simply flush with water every 3 to 5 years and i use straight antifreeze everything i owne has no water just antifreeze i have never had any freeze plug problems or over heating in summer or winter not had any corrision problems but i have replaced alot of water pumps when people used collant flush solvents because it's almost impossible to removve all the solvent from the engine but that's just my 2 cents worth.

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