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    Default 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    My ammeter(with 12v conversion) show 0 most of the time. Maybe a very slight +. This common?

    Ken H.

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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    If you put an alternator on it it should show a short spike of current right after starting for up to 1 minute and then drop back to just above zero. Never below zero when running, this means your battery is draining instead of charging.

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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    If you are mechanically inclined, I would recommend taking the generator apart and cleaning and make sure the brushes are free and properly seated.

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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    Question for you.. you say shows 0 most of the time.. or maybee a slight charge. Does it show a charge right after starting? like someone else pointed out? If it is setup correctly, the alternator will reduce it's output current to match the load on the battery.. since your ignition only draws around 3 amps.. that is the near 0 reading you are measuring.

    Here's a test. Do you have any 12v appliances.. like a tire pump, or worklight.. or headlights on the tractor.. Attatch a 12v appliance, and leave off.. start the tractor, and let the ammeter go low like you indicate.. kick the 12v appliance on.. does the ammeter show slightly more charge now? If so, it is working. Though, it should show good charge right after you start.

    Are you experiencing any problems.. like dead batteries? or just curious.
    If your battery is dieing.. perhaps you have the meter hooked up backwards and it is showing a discharge..


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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    You can also check charge rate by checking the voltage. Most alternators on newer gear regulate voltage between 14- 15 VDC. If you have a generator, it will operate roughly the same, but usually has to run at a higher speed to produce juice. The battery should be at or above about 12 to 12.25 volts if its in good shape (a new, fully charged battery will run 13+ volts). Once you start the tractor, check it over several minutes. The voltage should approach 14 volts or so. Be sure to give it a little throttle so the generator is running at a high enough rpm to put out well. If it is below 13 volts, I doubt the gen is working, or the regulator may be bad. If its above 15, the regulator is out of wack, and you will end up overcharging and cooking the battery. Any voltage above 13 to 13.5 and below 15 VDC is in the ballpark.
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    Others have offered good suggestions but be sure to check the simple stuff: clean cable and wire connections? belt tension?, ground connections?, etc.

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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    To be totally honest... I just saw the other post about this and thought I would add my question in. I will check to make sure its giving out the proper voltage. Dont think I need to rebuild anything, it is real new. And it is an alternator, not a generator, hence the 12v conversion. Never any problems with it.

    Just that a neighbor mentioned something about when his 12v conversion was done, he kept burning out alternators until he rewired it. And he said I should do the same. But, I am a firm believer in

    If it aint broke, dont fix it. But you can always upgrade. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

    Thanks guys. I will check voltage to be sure.

    Ken H.

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    Default Re: 8n ammeter show 0... or slightly +

    You have the right idea. If your voltages are right as in the other post, then all is good.

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